Logo Ideas

Behind every successful retail brand is an iconic logo. Something that makes the buyer/customer instantly recognise where they are or whom they are buying from. Logos such as the Nike swoosh or the Mcdonald’s golden arches are world renowned and this will give them an instant advantage over their competitors. It is the face of the company.

In the fitness  clothing industry there are a variety of logos used by the varying companies and brands. After conducting research into these logos I have realised that the most popular brands have simple, memorable logos. Brands such as Gymshark, MuscleMutt and Pursue fitness have all managed to create memorable logos whilst remaining simple and uncluttered.


My Logo Ideas:

For my logo I decided to try out a variety of creation methods, using both images and text. Below are a couple of the ideas that I came up with. I haven’t yet decided on my final design.

Logo 1:

curl clothing logo idea

Logo 2:

Curl Clothing logo idea 2





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